Stanley Renewable Energy

Stanley Renewable Energy Ltd

I think it’s fair to say that CH4, JFS Associates and Stanley Renewable Energy, all cut their Anaerobic Digestion teeth on this project.

Back in the early part of 2011 we were introduced to Philip and James Stanley of Ponsonby Old Hall Farm and their in-law Peter Johnson (Now of JFS & Associates). At that time both Philip and James were very well schooled in Anaerobic Digestion, as the father son team had been considering for at least a couple of years. They had recently received the bad news that their technology provider had failed the funders due diligence and were therefore looking for a developer who could not only pass funder due diligence, but be capable of delivering a complete turnkey solution at their Northern Lake District Farm.

Within the first 6 months of the new team working together we had confirmed the site was suitable for construction, received full planning permission exactly 8 weeks from submission, including the agreement to divert a public footpath and received a confirmed and acceptable Grid Connection offer from Electricity North West. (ENWL) The only thing missing at this point was a funder, as the families original funding source had changed policy and were no longer investing in AD.

We had a complete technical solution priced within budget, full planning, a grid connection but no funder. We therefore started doing the rounds of investment houses in the city and eventually introduced the opportunity to Iona Capital in February 2012. 12 long months later Iona Capital delivered the enabling funding and the project is now under construction.
Peter Johnson the in-law referred to earlier, became so enthusiastic about the possibilities for farm diversification, that he set up his own AD Development Company along with Matthew Flint, with Enterprise backing from Tatter Steel. At this point it made commercial sense to hand the opportunity to JFS & Associates and we understand the construction phase is progressing well.

The experience and insight CH4 gained during this 2 year cycle, whilst sometimes ridiculously negative left us all with a massive desire to continue on, offering our own, very unique joint venture opportunities to farmers in the North West, North East and Northern Ireland, the location of our next development.

Our UNIQUE feedstock contribution will develop normal 200kW Farmscale Systems, to 500kW whilst still maintaining the Farmscale status and the Farmer still controlling the site…